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November Meeting: Bishop Malooly


It’s Almost Time for Some L&L

Some past silliness at the March 2012 L&L.  Our next signature mix of the Word and board games will take place next Sunday, September 2nd.  Our summer hiatus is almost over!

SMYPP: A Great Time to Network and Meet New People

Besides the delicious food and stimulating speakers, SMYPP’s Speaker & Supper meetings are a great time to network and meet other young professionals with similar interests.  Our next meeting is exactly 1 month from today.

Musical Talents

AJ LaPorto entertaining fellow members during the February 2012 meeting.  Do you have a special talent or skill that you think could benefit SMYPP?  If you have the time and willingness to lend a helping hand, please contact our president, Lottie Johnson ( to learn more about joining our leadership group.  “Be who you are and be that well.”

Social Events

There are plenty of opportunities to interact with other members outside of our usual meetings.  In the past, we’ve participated in a number of other activities, such as the Blue Gold Bingo Night at Padua Academy back in March.  Be sure to join our new Social Group listserve to learn about events such as baseball games, canoe trips, karaoke nights, etc.

Thank you Justin!

Every meeting, our fellow member/chef extraordinaire prepares a fantastic meal for us.  For our February 2012 meeting, Justin prepared heart-shaped meatloaf (in honor of Valentine’s Day), crab cakes, sweet potatoes, corn, and salad.