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October Prayer Petitions

If you missed Supper and Speaker last Sunday, we added a prayer petition box next to the donation basket.  Our goal is to better meet your prayer needs while strengthening our bond spiritually and prayerfully.  As rough patches come up in our lives, and the lives of our friends and family, we invite you to share what you would like us to pray for.  Understanding that some of these prayer petitions are personal, you can always choose to remain anonymous.   

Here are last Sunday’s prayer petitions:

For all those seeking employment, that they will find something fulfilling.
For the success of “Come and Seek” and an increase in vocations.
For all our members of SMYPP!
For job discernment for John Mullan.
For all the unemployed.
For the oven.  (Last Sunday, the oven was acting up, please pray that it continues to work!)
And for all the unspoken intentions that we held in our hearts, and those voiced but not written down. We pray to the Lord,
Lord, hear our prayers.

Prayer is powerful, and thank you for the opportunity to support you with prayer.  How can we pray for you?