SMYPP Supper and Speaker 9/21

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On Sunday, September 21st SMYPP held a Supper and Speaker event, where member Cecil Coutinho, PhD gave a talk about Science and Christianity. Cecil has been a member of our group for about six months, and has quickly become an integral part of SMYPP. This talk revolved around questions he has been asked as he has gone through his life as a Catholic and a scientist. Some highlights of his talk included a discussion on the beginning of the world, the story of 3’s and how he finds ways to evangelize in the workplace. This event also featured a delicious dinner and some networking before and after the talk.

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Ways to Evangelize in the Workplace

 Attend daily mass during lunch hour 1x a week (invite a coworker to join you!)
 Carry a rosary on you, or in your car and don’t be shy about answering when someone asks about it.
 Behave in a Christian way, and lead by example.
If anyone has any other techniques or ideas, feel free to share them!


The Story of 3’s

In the Bible, and in our faith, we learn about the Trinity of the Lord, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. They are all part of one Trinity and yet different from each other. This can be analogized to the coordinate systems used in mathematics and engineering, such as Cartesian (x, y, z). To learn more about the story of 3’s, feel free to ask Cecil when you next see him, or do your own research.


Summary by Cait McRae
Photos by Carla Spitelle


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