February Meeting Bibliography

In addition to her talk, Sr. Betty McAdams suggested the following books:

  • Andre Dupliex, 15 Days of Prayer: Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (“Each volume contains A brief biography of the saint or spiritual leader introduced in that volume, a guide to creating a format for prayer and retreat 15 meditation sessions with focus points and reflection guides. Follow the footsteps of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.”)
  • Denis Edwards, The God of Evolution: A Trinitarian Theology (“The God of Evolution is an insightful, thought-provoking work that shifts the boundaries of theology by examining the traditional understanding of God and melding it with evolutionary ideas.”)
  • Jerry D. Korsmeyer, Evolution and Eden: Balancing Original Sin and Contemporary Science (“Jerry Korsmeyer examines how an evolutionary perspective impacts on a traditional understanding of original sin.”)
  • Langdon Gilkey, Creationism on Trial: Evolution and God at Little Rock (“This fascinating work documents theologian Gilkey’s participation as an expert witness in the 1981 trial over the constitutionality of the Arkansas law requiring that creation science be taught alongside evolution in the public schools.”)
  • John F. Haught, God After Darwin: A Theology of Evolution (“Theologian John F. Haught argues that the ongoing debate between Darwinian evolutionists and Christian apologists is fundamentally misdirected.”)
  • Kenneth Miller, Finding Darwin’s God (“Miller, professor of biology at Brown University, believes firmly in evolution. He also believes in God.”)
  • Ronald L. Numbers, The Creationists (“The book meticulously traces the dramatic shift among Christian fundamentalists from acceptance of the earth’s antiquity to the insistence of present-day scientific creationists that most fossils date back to Noah’s flood and its aftermath.”)
  • Richard Dawkins, River Out of Eden (‘Dawins introduces general readers to some fairly abstract problems in evolutionary biology, gently guiding us through the tangles of mitochondrial DNA and the survival-of-the- fittest ethos.”)
  • Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, The Divine Mileu (“[de Chardin] shows how man’s spiritual life can become a participation in the destiny of the universe.”)
  • Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Christianity and Evolution (“Nineteen essays concerned with the relationship of science and religion”)
  • Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Creation and Evolution

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