Upcoming Service Projects With SMYPP

Service Project #1

On Saturday, October 27th, SMYPP will help with fall cleanup at St. Mary the Assumption Church. We will meet at Church at 1 pm and clean up until approximately 4 or 4:30 pm (prior to everyone arriving for 5 pm Mass). If anyone has gardening tools at home, please bring them with you.   Let us show St. Mary’s how appreciative we are for their support of our group by helping them maintain the grounds around the church!

Service Project #2

On Saturday, November 10th, SMYPP will be traveling to Philadelphia for a day of service at the St. Vincent de Paul Center. We will plan on leaving around 7:30 am so we will arrive at the center to start our day of service at 9 am. Some of the activities may include habitat type of work and visiting with the retired priests and brothers. Breakfast and lunch will be provided at the center. We will plan on leaving Philadelphia around 3 pm.  After we finish, we will have an activity (bowling, a movie, or dinner maybe) for those who are interested.

Since we will be traveling to Philadelphia and unsure of the parking situation at the center, we will probably plan on organizing carpools possibly from UD, St. Mary’s, and Wilmington. If you are planning on attending the day of service, please RSVP to Elizabeth Ryan (elizabeth.ryan303@gmail.com) by October 20th since she needs to provide an approximate number of attendees to the center.


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