February Meeting Summary: Martha Jordan

Martha Jordan and Father D.

For our February meeting, we had the pleasure of hearing Martha Jordan, a missionary/volunteer from Generation Life, a pro-life/pro-chastity organization.  One of Martha’s main jobs is to give chastity talks to 7th-12th  grade girls.  At the meeting, Martha gave us a short version of her usual talk, titled “Life, Love, and Truth: The Call to Physical and Emotional Purity.”  “I never get tired of giving this talk,” said Martha.  “Each time I do it, I learn something new.”  For Martha, chastity is an issue that she is very passionate about because “it affects everyone in our lives.”  “It affects our future spouse, our future children, and ourselves,” she explained.

So what is chastity?  Unlike abstinence, which is saying “no” to sexual activity of any kind, chastity is defined as the proper integration of sexuality in our lifestyle.  Thus, chastity applies to people of all ages and of all statuses (married, single, etc).

One of the main messages that Martha stressed is that men and women are meant to be a “gift” to each other.  “We have to ask, how can I serve and love the other, how can I see him or her for who they are,” she said.  Furthermore, in addition to understanding how the other sex sees us, we have to be conscious of our own tendencies.  “Women need to understand their beauty is something to be treasured, a prize to be won,” said Martha. This means having self confidence and avoiding overly revealing clothing. Men, on the other hand, are more physically stimulated. Thus, they should be conscious of how to appreciate women without lusting after them. “Know that you have strength,” said Martha.

All in all, Martha stressed that sex itself isn’t a bad thing when used in the proper context of marriage and having children.  “God made us body and soul. Our bodies are good, and sex is good,” said Martha, “but we need to respect it and use it for its true purpose.”

You can view pictures from this meeting and past meetings on our group’s Flickr site here.

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